Welcome to Beech Hollow Studios!


Welcome to William Kooienga sculpture and Beech Hollow Studios!


Self taught sculptor, William Kooienga has been a working artist for over 30 years.  His son  Sascha, no stranger to the sculpture studio, has recently added his artistic vision to the mix.  Together, they create prolific works, from hand-size to monumental.  

The beautiful remote setting in which they work, Beech Hollow, is an integral part of their inspirations and purpose.  The sensuous organic lines and smooth tactile surfaces they carve, from rich natural materials, sculpture which call attention to the wonder and mystery of nature.  

Their work has been shown in one man shows and art competition in several states and significant pieces are owned by the Tennessee State Museum.  Innumerable sculptures are held in private collections around the world.

Much of their work is done by commission.  By appointment, visitors are welcome to their upstairs sales gallery, studio, and owner built, off the grid log home.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

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